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Game Rules to Superfy, formerly known as Super Cuttle

"Cuttle is a sharp, fast game built entirely on excellent mechanics. It is the sort of game - had I known about it in college - I would have worn decks ragged through play"

Richard Garfield - Creator of Magic: The Gathering

Comments (3)

4 days ago

pretty steep learning curve. But is pretty fun when you get into it. 8/10. If you have a chance to learn with Deffly, take it. Hes a great teacher - wins too much… but a great teacher.

5 days ago

"Superfy If I had found this in college I would have actually graduated holy shit that game was boring like a worse chess yet somehow new maybe if the creator had some vyvanse"-Wyran

7 days ago

This looks great. Would be awesome to have a Superfy solitaire game where people can learn to play on their own and be coached along the way based on their hand as to what their options are.


Updated 1/30/2023

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