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Main differences from modern Superfy:

-✨Super-Dupers had their own additional special effect(s) instead of being any ⭐Super

-Base cards were instead named ⚡One-offs

-Permanent cards were instead named ⛰️Enduring cards

-(2)'s were the draw card, not (6)'s

-(3)'s were discard only, no steal

-Modern (4)'s were split into (4)'s and (6)'s to clear points and permanents respectively

-(5)'s drew an additional card, restricted the bonus card to non-"💪Power cards"

-(8)'s "bounced" cards to the draw pile

-(9)'s were the steal card, not an immune card (was 10♣)

-(K)'s had the wild component instead of current (2)'s

1st edition
June, 2019

SuperFY copy.png

2nd edition
July, 2020


-Added "Specializations Edition" which created three teams you could choose from that each gave individual bonus rulesets which gave unique advantages

>Bravery (Offensive), Brilliance (Defensive), Balance  (Utility)

-Experimented with "making Superfy my own" by changing the suit of a card to a proprietary icon

-Added Instant Jacks that causes a semi-counter forcing a different play

-Played with the idea of a combining two RED ⦗4⦘’s or ⦗6⦘'s for 2x turns

-Queen of Spades lost its reattach without use

-The (RJ) gained two similar effects of redrawing hands +/- 1


3rd edition
January, 2021

spuerfynamelogo6f copy.png


-Added the 🍻Swap Bar(!)

-The possibility of playing four cards of the same rank to play Sudden Death was added

-Option for an "Alt rule" starting scenario where players draw from nothing and play starts immediately

-⛰️Enduring effects renamed to 🗿️Permanent effects

-One-off effects renamed to Golden effects

-Super-Dee-Duper was removed for modern day Super-Dupers -- the 3rd tier of rank abilities were removed

-(2)'s became the "bounce" card

-(4)'s became the steal card

-(5)'s became the draw card

-(8)'s became the rummage card

-(9)'s became the new point clear card

-(10♥)'s gained the take two turns ability

4th edition
February, 2021


-(2)'s gained insta-point ability that was also immune to most effects

-(5)'s regained their rummage ability

-(6)'s became the draw card

-(8)'s lost their sight and became the new clear permanents rank

-(9)'s became the new point clear rank

-(K♠) lost its ability to be wild as any 10 rank


5th edition
March, 2022



-Golden effects renamed Base effects

-(2)'s lost their immune ability and gained the ability to "tap" cards

-(3)'s can now steal in addition to discard

-(4)'s became THE clear card

-(5)'s dropped the 💪Power card idea. Gained a broken, short-lasting Super effect

-Nerfed (6)'s ability to draw cards at a high amount

-(8)'s return to having sight and learned the ability to increase/decrease the goal

-(9)'s became a weird scuttle ability that depended on rank

-(10♥)'s lost its original ability to "convert" a play

-The (RJ) gained the ability to shuffle the deck

superfy-newlogo copy.png

5th edition
May, 2022



-(10♥)'s lost its original ability to "convert" a play

6th edition
July, 2022



-Super for (3)'s changed to what it is today

-New Super for (5)'s that was short lived -- swapped draw and scrap pile locations then some crazy stuff

-Rebuffed (6)'s to draw more cards

-(8)'s effect of increasing point value could be countered by a (2)

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